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Why my income is dropping.

We went to see a client today to sort out his messy books about 3 years behind. He is around 29 years old and he is a builder, have a nice beautiful house just almost get out of terrible divorce. All was good but after we have almost sorted out his documents he asked me “Why my income is dropping”. I stopped a little while and started preaching. I said because you are not selling, you have no selling skills, selling = income, no sell= no income. He asked how do I know he is not selling. I asked him do you have a website, he said no, I asked do you do advertisement, he said no, do you have business cards, he gave me one with old company name, I asked where you get your clients from, he said most from referrals really. I told him referrals are good and in most cases very effective but you need to have a sizable customers before you get regular referrals, no wonder your income is dropping, he was speechless…

Let we go, I have done too many bookkeeping and accounting staff, now I really think I should teach people how to sell, because this is more important for most of business than tax bills, remember this Sells = to income, no sell = no income. More sale = more income.

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